Marriages of Notable People

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Coe Swobe
Cogie Domingo
Coky Giedroyc
Col Bailey
Col Loughnan
Col Needham
Colbert Mukwevho
Colby Donaldson
Cole Hauser
Cole McNary
Cole Weston
Colea Răutu
Coleen Garcia
Coleen Gray
Coleen K. Menlove
Coleen Nolan
Coleman Barks
Coleman Francis
Coleman Jacoby
Coleman Nee
Coleman Yeatts
Coleman Young
Coles Trapnell
Colette Béatrice Aboulker-Muscat
Colette Renard
Colette Rossant
Colette Roy-Laroche
Colette Wong
Colin Allred
Colin B. Bailey
Colin Baker
Colin Bazley
Colin Blakely
Colin Blakemore
Colin Bonini
Colin Branch (geologist)
Colin Brazier
Colin Breed
Colin Buchanan (actor)
Colin Buchanan (bishop)
Colin Bucksey
Colin Callender
Colin Cameron (Malawian politician)
Colin Campbell (geologist)
Colin Campbell (Ontario politician)
Colin Carige
Colin Clark (politician)
Colin Clive
Colin Cloud
Colin Cockcroft
Colin Dexter
Colin Docker
Colin Donnell
Colin Douglas (actor)
Colin Drummond
Colin Edwynn
Colin Figures
Colin Firth
Colin Fox (actor)
Colin Friels
Colin G. Campbell
Colin G. Kruse
Colin G. Pooley
Colin Gunton
Colin Hanks
Colin Harvey (writer)
Colin Howell
Colin James (bishop)
Colin Jamieson
Colin Jeavons
Colin Johnson (bishop)
Colin Jost
Colin Kay
Colin Knight (educationalist)
Colin Low (filmmaker)
Colin M. Simpson
Colin Marshall, Baron Marshall of Knightsbridge
Colin Mayes
Colin McEwan
Colin McFarlane
Colin McKellar
Colin McLeod (engineer)
Colin McPhee
Colin Mochrie
Colin Montgomerie
Colin Morgan
Colin Moss (actor)
Colin Moyle
Colin Moynihan, 4th Baron Moynihan
Colin O'Brady
Colin O'Donoghue
Colin Powell
Colin Quinn
Colin Salmon
Colin Schmitt
Colin Scott (bishop)
Colin Southgate
Colin St Clair Oakes
Colin Sutherland, Lord Carloway
Colin Tapley
Colin Tincknell
Colin Townsley
Colin Trevorrow
Colin Vaughan
Colin Ward
Colin Welland
Colin Wells (historian)
Colin Williams (priest)
Colin Winter
Colleen Beaumier
Colleen Camp
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Colleen Darnell
Colleen Dewhurst
Colleen Dishon
Colleen Hanabusa
Colleen House
Colleen Kollar-Kotelly
Colleen McCullough
Colleen Miller
Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Colleen Sheehan
Colleen Sullivan-Leonard
Colleen Thibaudeau
Collette Lyons
Collette Sunderman
Collier Young
Collin Chou
Collin Wilcox (actress)
Collins Chabane
Colm Brophy
Colm Burke
Colm Condon
Colm Feore
Colm McLoughlin
Colm Meaney
Colm Murray
Colman Domingo
Colonel Tom Parker
Colt Wynn
Colton Dunn
Colton Haynes
Colum Eastwood
Columbus O'Donnell Iselin
Commander Azeez
Compton I. White Jr.
Con Devitt
Con Lehane (Irish republican)
Conan O'Brien
Concetta Fierravanti-Wells
Concha Ortiz y Pino
Concha Velasco
Conchata Ferrell
Conchita Carpio-Morales
Conchita Cintrón
Conchita Montenegro
Coney Reyes
Cong Weixi
Conleth O'Connor
Connell Cruise
Conner O'Malley
Connie Achurra
Connie Binsfeld
Connie Booth
Connie Britton
Connie Brockway
Connie Chung
Connie Conway
Connie Doepke
Connie Gault
Connie Gilchrist
Connie Haines
Connie Hyde
Connie Levi
Connie Mack III
Connie Matthews
Connie McCready
Connie Needham
Connie O'Brien
Connie Sawyer
Connie Sellecca
Connie Sipes
Connie Sison
Connie Smith
Connie Stevens
Connie Willis
Connor Jaeger
Connor Trinneer
Conny Nxumalo
Conor Cruise O'Brien
Conor Lamb
Conor Lenihan
Conor Lennon
Conor McGinn
Conor Murphy
Conor O'Brien, 18th Baron Inchiquin
Conor Woodman
Conrad B. Harrison
Conrad Bain
Conrad Black
Conrad Brooks
Conrad Burns
Conrad H. Gesner
Conrad Hilton Jr.
Conrad Hyers
Conrad James
Conrad Janis
Conrad Landry
Conrad Lee
Conrad Lynn
Conrad Palmisano
Conrad Phillips
Conrad Poe
Conrad Poole
Conrad Russell, 5th Earl Russell
Conrad Sangma
Conrad Schwiering
Conrad Shawcross
Conrad Thompson
Conrado San Martín
Constance A. Howard
Constance Abernathy
Constance Baker Motley
Constance Bennett
Constance Chapman
Constance Coleman Richardson
Constance H. Williams
Constance Heaven
Constance Howard (artist)
Constance Moore
Constance Reid
Constance Rover
Constance Shulman
Constance Towers
Constance van Eeden
Constance Worth
Constance Zimmer
Constant Omari
Constantin Dan Vasiliu
Constantine Fitzgibbon
Constantine II of Greece
Constantine W. Curris
Constantino Romero
Constanza Romero
Consuela Lee Moorehead
Consuelo Berlanga
Consuelo Bland Marshall
Consuelo Costin
Consuelo Salgar de Montejo
Cook Lougheed
Cookie Mueller
Cooper Manning
Cooper Snyder
Coosje van Bruggen
Cor van den Heuvel
Cora Schumacher
Cora van Nieuwenhuizen
Cora Waddell
Coraje Ábalos
Coral Browne
Corazon Agrava
Corazon Aquino
Corazon Nuñez Malanyaon
Corbin Bleu
Cordelia Agbebaku
Cordwainer Smith
Coretta Scott King
Corey Cogdell
Corey Conners
Corey Cott
Corey Feldman
Corey Holcomb
Corey Johnson (actor)
Corey Lewandowski
Corey Miller (tattoo artist)
Corey Norman (director)
Corey O'Brien
Corey Pavin
Corey Stoll
Corey Taylor
Corey Williams (producer)
Corie Mapp
Corin Nemec
Corin Redgrave
Corin Robertson
Corina del Parral
Corinna Chamberlain
Corinna Schumacher
Corinna Tsopei
Corinne Bennett
Corinne Calvet
Corinne Conley
Corinne Luchaire
Corinne Marrinan
Corky Ballas
Corliss Lamont
Cormac Breslin
Cormac Devlin
Cormac Kinney

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