Marriages of Notable People

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Dave Maynard
Dave McCary
Dave McTeague
Dave Meltzer
Dave Middlebrook
Dave Min
Dave Molinari
Dave Moody (sportscaster)
Dave Morris (writer)
Dave Muntzel
Dave Murman
Dave Myers (presenter)
Dave Nellist
Dave Nutter
Dave O'Brien (actor)
Dave O'Neal
Dave Olin
Dave Pankonin
Dave Pasch
Dave Pettitt
Dave Pine
Dave Ramsden
Dave Ramsey
Dave Roberts (broadcaster)
Dave Roberts (California politician)
Dave Rodney
Dave Rooney
Dave Rubin
Dave Schatz
Dave Schulz (politician)
Dave Senjem
Dave Sharma
Dave Sheridan (cartoonist)
Dave Sims (rugby union)
Dave Smith (Peterborough, Ontario politician)
Dave Somers
Dave Spector
Dave Taylor (Canadian politician)
Dave Thiele
Dave Thomas (actor)
Dave Thomas (politician)
Dave Toschi
Dave Trott (politician)
Dave Umahi
Dave Van Kesteren
Dave Wallis
Dave Wang
Dave Ward (reporter)
Dave Weldon
Dave Willock
Dave Wilson (Cape Breton politician)
Dave Wilson (Sackville politician)
Dave Woodward
Dave Wright (politician)
Davey Boy Smith
David A. Andelman
David A. Carter
David A. Clarke
David A. Day
David A. Ganong
David A. Granger
David A. Hirsch
David A. Jaeger
David A. Kaplan
David A. Levy
David A. Siegel
David A. Sinclair
David A. Steinberg
David Abel (general)
David Aberle
David Ackroyd
David Adakudugu
David Adams Richards
David Agema
David Agmon
David Agus
David Akers-Jones
David Akinluyi
David Alan Basche
David Alan Grier (writer)
David Alan Smith (actor)
David Alexander (college president)
David Allan Cates
David Allan Hubbard
David Almond
David Alton
David Alvarez (politician)
David Alward
David Ambrose
David Amess
David Anderson (British politician)
David Anderson (Manx politician)
David Anderson (Saskatchewan politician)
David Anderson, 2nd Viscount Waverley
David Andrews (actor)
David Andrews (politician)
David Angell
David Anspaugh
David Anthony Higgins
David Armstrong-Jones, 2nd Earl of Snowdon
David Armytage
David Arnold (mathematician)
David Arquette
David Arthur Evans
David Arthur Singh
David Asman
David Asscherick
David Atkins (businessman)
David Atkinson (bishop)
David Attenborough
David Autor
David Axelrod (political consultant)
David Ayer
David Azrieli
David B. A. Epstein
David B. Danbom
David B. Dunn
David B. Joslin
David B. Robbins
David B. Todd Jr.
David Babakhanyan
David Bacon (actor)
David Bagration of Mukhrani
David Bailey
David Bailey (actor)
David Bailie
David Baker (biochemist)
David Baldacci
David Bale
David Baltimore
David Bamber
David Barksdale
David Barnes (rugby union)
David Barrera
David Bartlett
David Baszucki
David Battley
David Baulcombe
David Beasley
David Beattie
David Beatty, 2nd Earl Beatty
David Beckham
David Bedella
David Beecroft
David Beerling
David Begelman
David Behrman
David Bell (author)
David Bellamy
David Bellini
David Belnap
David Ben
David Benioff
David Benke
David Benson-Pope
David Bentley (bishop of Gloucester)
David Beresford (journalist)
David Berg
David Berman (mobster)
David Berman (musician)
David Bevan (politician)
David Bierk
David Binder (journalist)
David Birney
David Birney (bishop)
David Bisbal
David Bistricer
David Black (sculptor)
David Blomfield
David Blount
David Blundy
David Bly
David Bohrman
David Bolduc
David Bonderman
David Bonior
David Bonser
David Boreanaz
David Bowes-Lyon
David Bowie
David Bowman (bishop)
David Boyd (artist)
David Braben
David Brading
David Bradley (English actor)
David Brailer
David Braybrooke
David Breach
David Brewster (journalist)
David Brian
David Briggs (headmaster)
David Brion Davis
David Brokenshire
David Brooks (commentator)
David Brower
David Bruce (actor)
David Brudenell-Bruce, Earl of Cardigan
David Brumbaugh
David Buckel
David Budbill
David Buffett
David Bulova
David Burke (American actor)
David Burks
David Burritt
David Burrowes
David Burtka
David Bustamante
David Byrne
David C. Evans
David C. Hardesty Jr.
David C. Harrington
David C. Mulford
David C. Peterson
David Calderisi
David Callaham
David Cameron
David Campbell (Australian politician)
David Campion Acheson
David Campos
David Canary
David Canfield Smith
David Canzini
David Caplan
David Cappiello
David Carlucci
David Carnegie, 4th Duke of Fife
David Carr (journalist)
David Carradine
David Cartwright
David Caruso
David Caspe
David Cassidy
David Caves
David Caygill
David Cerullo
David Chalian
David Chang
David Charvet
David Chase
David Chen
David Cheriton
David Chiang
David Childs (academic)
David Chillingworth
David Chokachi
David Choquehuanca
David Christopherson
David Chu (Hong Kong politician)
David Chudnovsky (politician)
David Claerbaut
David Claessen
David Clark (Utah politician)
David Clatworthy
David Clayton Rogers
David Clelland
David Clennon
David Coates (political economist)
David Cochran
David Cockayne
David Coleman
David Colin Jones
David Combe
David Condon
David Conner Bane Jr.
David Connolly (politician)
David Consunji
David Cook (game designer)
David Cook (singer)
David Cook (Texas politician)
David Corn
David Cornthwaite
David Costabile
David Cotton
David Court (bishop)
David Cox (statistician)
David Crausby
David Crisafulli
David Crombie
David Cronenberg
David Crosby
David Cross
David Crowley (Wisconsin politician)
David Cryer
David Cunliffe
David Cunliffe-Lister, 2nd Earl of Swinton
David Curson
David D. Friedman
David D. Levine
David D. Rudolph
David D. Smith
David Dalgleish
David Dalton (violist)
David Dangoor
David Daniel (politician)
David Daniel Marriott
David Daniels (countertenor)
David Daube
David Davidar
David Davis (British politician)

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