Marriages of Notable People

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Roberta Gale
Roberta Haynes
Roberta Hill Whiteman
Roberta Lange
Roberta Leigh
Roberta McCain
Roberta Metsola
Roberta Rudnick
Roberta Shore
Roberta Sklar
Roberta Taylor
Roberta Williams
Roberto A. Abad
Roberto Alagna
Roberto Arce
Roberto Arias
Roberto Arlt
Roberto Bachi
Roberto Benedicto
Roberto Benigni
Roberto Blandón
Roberto Bruce
Roberto Burioni
Roberto Carnaghi
Roberto Castro
Roberto Civita
Roberto Cueva del Río
Roberto D'Aubuisson
Roberto Dañino
Roberto de la Madrid
Roberto Eduardo Viola
Roberto Esteban Chavez
Roberto Giacobbo
Roberto Gómez Fernández
Roberto Guajardo Suárez
Roberto Justus
Roberto Lamarca
Roberto Lobo
Roberto M. Levingston
Roberto Madrazo
Roberto Maestas
Roberto Orci
Roberto Pagdanganan
Roberto Perpignani
Roberto Pontremoli
Roberto Puno
Roberto Rexach Benítez
Roberto Rocha
Roberto Rossellini
Roberto Salcedo Jr.
Roberto Salcedo Sr.
Roberto Sebastian
Roberto Smith
Roberto Solis
Roberto Suárez Gómez
Roberto Suazo Córdova
Roberto Valero
Roberto Vidal Bolaño
Roberto Weiss
Roberts Blossom
Roberts Rugh
Röbi Rapp
Robia Rashid
Robin Aitken
Robin Andrew (bowls)
Robin Arora
Robin Askwith
Robin Atkin Downes
Robin Beard
Robin Birley (businessman)
Robin Boyd (theologian)
Robin Bridgeman, 3rd Viscount Bridgeman
Robin Brooke
Robin Brown (politician)
Robin Carnahan
Robin Catford
Robin Chandler Duke
Robin Chazdon
Robin Christopher
Robin Comey
Robin Cook
Robin D. S. Higham
Robin Davis
Robin Day
Robin Denniston
Robin DiAngelo
Robin Douglas-Home
Robin Duke
Robin Dunbar
Robin Eames
Robin Ellis
Robin Garbose
Robin Gardiner
Robin Gibb
Robin Gill (priest)
Robin Givens
Robin Gray (New Zealand politician)
Robin Hanbury-Tenison
Robin Harris
Robin Henderson
Robin Herman
Robin Hobb
Robin Hutson
Robin Ibbs
Robin Jacques
Robin Janvrin, Baron Janvrin
Robin Kankapankatja
Robin Kelley
Robin Kermode
Robin Klein (venture capitalist)
Robin Koval
Robin L. Higgins
Robin Leach
Robin Lee Row
Robin Li
Robin Lim
Robin Lord Taylor
Robin Lundberg
Robin McKinley
Robin McNair
Robin Meade
Robin Medforth-Mills
Robin Meyers
Robin Millhouse
Robin Morgan
Robin Mountfield
Robin Nedwell
Robin Neill
Robin Neville, 10th Baron Braybrooke
Robin Newton
Robin Olds
Robin Padilla
Robin Parkinson
Robin Paulsson
Robin Plackett
Robin Pogrebin
Robin Raymond
Robin Sachs
Robin Saxby
Robin Scott (Victorian politician)
Robin Sherwood
Robin Squire
Robin Stewart
Robin Strasser
Robin Swann
Robin Swicord
Robin Tampoe
Robin Teverson, Baron Teverson
Robin Thicke
Robin Thirumala
Robin Tunney
Robin Tyler
Robin Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 8th Marquess of Londonderry
Robin Vos
Robin Ward (priest)
Robin Watson
Robin Williams
Robin Williams (mathematician)
Robin Wilson (eco-designer)
Robin Wilson (mathematician)
Robin Winks
Robin Wood (artist)
Robin Wright
Robley Wilson
Robo Shankar
Roby Muhamad
Robyn Addison
Robyn Brody
Robyn Denny
Robyn Donald
Robyn Layton
Robyn Lively
Robyn Michele Levy
Robyn Nevin
Robyn Ochs
Robyn Parker
Robyn Schiff
Robyn Smith
Robyn Vining
Rocco B. Commisso
Rocco Forte
Rocco Mediate
Rocco Nacino
Rocco Petrone
Rocco Siffredi
Roch Bolduc
Roch Marc Christian Kaboré
Rochelle Aytes
Rochelle C. Dreyfuss
Rochelle Hudson
Rochelle Humes
Rochelle Oliver
Rochelle Rao
Rochelle Walensky
Rocío Carrasco
Rocío Dúrcal
Rocío Jurado
Rocio Romero
Rock Harper
Rock Hudson
Rockin' Rebel
Rockline Venkatesh
Rockmond Dunbar
Rockne Tarkington
Rocky Aoki
Rocky Barton
Rocky Carroll
Rocky Chávez
Rocky De La Fuente
Rocky Holcomb
Rocky Miller
Rocky Raczkowski
Rocky Wirtz
Rod A. Martin
Rod Aldridge
Rod Amateau
Rod Ansell
Rod Arrants
Rod Blackmore
Rod Bruinooge
Rod Cameron (actor)
Rod Chiswell
Rod Culleton
Rod Daniel
Rod Dreher
Rod Driver
Rod Eddington
Rod Fontana
Rod Froelich
Rod Funseth
Rod Grams
Rod Hamilton
Rod Jackson (politician)
Rod Liddle
Rod McKie
Rod Monroe
Rod O'Connor (announcer)
Rod Parsley
Rod Phillips (politician)
Rod Preece
Rod Reyes
Rod Roberts
Rod Roddenberry
Rod Rosenstein
Rod Scribner
Rod Serling
Rod Skoe
Rod Smith (politician)
Rod Stewart
Rod Stryker
Rod Taylor
Rod Thomas (bishop)
Rod Weir
Rod Wilt
Rod Zimmer
Roda Mistry
Rodante Marcoleta
Rodd Christensen
Roddie Fleming
Roderick Braithwaite
Roderick Drummond
Roderick Fry
Roderick Haig-Brown
Roderick MacFarquhar
Roderick Mackenzie, 4th Earl of Cromartie
Roderick Sprague
Roderick Wright
Rodger Bumpass
Rodger Cuzner
Rodger Dean Duncan
Rodger Krouse
Rodger Reedy
Rodger Smitherman
Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou
Rodica Ciorănică
Rodion Nakhapetov
Rodion Shchedrin
Rodjun Cruz
Rodmal Nagar
Rodman Logan
Rodman Philbrick
Rodman Rockefeller
Rodney A. Hawes Jr.
Rodney Alexander
Rodney Anderson
Rodney Atkins
Rodney Bewes
Rodney Bickerstaffe
Rodney Crowell
Rodney D. Bennett
Rodney Dangerfield
Rodney Ellis
Rodney Higgins
Rodney King
Rodney Ledward
Rodney Lewis
Rodney Propp
Rodney R. Michel
Rodney Ripps

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