Marriages of Notable People

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David Davis (Tennessee politician)
David Dawson (politician)
David de Kretser
David Dein
David Del Rio
David DeLuise
David Denby
David Denman
David Devine (director)
David Dhawan
David Dick (journalist)
David Dickinson
David Dillehunt
David Dimbleby
David DiPietro
David Dobie
David Dobrik
David Dockery
David Dortort
David Douglas, 12th Marquess of Queensberry
David Douglas-Home, 15th Earl of Home
David Doyle (actor)
David Drew (politician)
David Drysdale
David Duchovny
David Duffy (banker)
David Duke
David Duval
David E. Campbell (political scientist)
David E. Carlson
David E. Comings
David E. Harrison
David E. Kelley
David E. Kendall
David E. McGiffert
David E. Richards
David E. Sanger
David E. Satterfield III
David E. Van Zandt
David Eagles
David Eagleson
David Eby
David Eccles, 1st Viscount Eccles
David Ede
David Eduard van Dijk
David Edward Reichle
David Edwards (Oregon politician)
David Edwards (quiz contestant)
David Edwin Harrell
David Eger
David Eggen
David Eigenberg
David Einhorn (hedge fund manager)
David Eisenhower
David Elbaz
David Ellery
David Elliot Johnson
David Ellison
David Ellwand
David Emerson
David English (editor)
David Evans (political official)
David Evennett
David F. Evans
David F. Ford
David F. Kessler
David F. Musto
David F. Sandberg
David F. Schrader
David F. Thornton
David F. Wells
David F. Wherley Jr.
David Faber (journalist)
David Fairbairn (politician)
David Fane
David Fanning (journalist)
David Farmbrough
David Farrar (actor)
David Farrer
David Faulkner (civil servant)
David Faustino
David Feeney
David Feffer
David Feherty
David Feiss
David Felwick
David Fenbury
David Ferry (poet)
David Fialkow
David Filo
David Fincher
David Fitzsimons
David Flair
David Fleeshman
David Fleet
David Flusser
David Folkenflik
David Folsom
David Ford (civil servant)
David Foster (film producer)
David Foster (Royal Navy officer)
David France
David Frank (media executive)
David Frawley
David Frederickson
David Freeman (screenwriter)
David Frizzell (politician)
David Frockt
David Froman
David Froom
David Frost
David Frost, Baron Frost
David Frum
David Fulmer
David Fumero
David Furnish
David Fury
David G. Campbell
David G. Deininger
David G. Greenfield
David G. Hartwell
David G. Peterson
David Gaiman
David Galliford
David Gallop
David Galloway (golfer)
David Gascoigne
David Gassman
David Gauke
David Gemmell
David Gest
David Gilford
David Gilhooly
David Gillespie (politician)
David Gillett
David Gillick
David Gilmour
David Gilmour (writer)
David Giuliano
David Giuntoli
David Glasser
David Gnaniah Pothirajulu
David Goins
David Gonski
David Goodis
David Gorcey
David Gordon (software entrepreneur)
David Gottesman
David Gottesman (politician)
David Graeber
David Graf
David Grann
David Graves (bishop)
David Graves (politician)
David Greenglass
David Gregory (journalist)
David Gresham
David Gries
David Groh
David Gross
David Grossman
David Grosso
David Grubin
David Guas
David Guetta
David Guterson
David Guttenberg
David Gwillim
David H. Barlow
David H. Bayley
David H. Dornsife
David H. French (archaeologist)
David H. Gambrell
David H. Greene
David H. Hubel
David H. Lewis Jr.
David H. McClain
David H. Porter
David H. Zimmerman
David Hafler
David Haig
David Halberstam
David Hallatt
David Hamer
David Hamill
David Hamilton (British politician)
David Hamilton (Canadian politician)
David Hann
David Hansen (playwright)
David Hanson (politician)
David Harbour
David Harewood
David Harris (Australian politician)
David Hart (actor)
David Hart Dyke
David Hartman (TV personality)
David Hasselhoff
David Hatendi
David Hawkes (sinologist)
David Hawkins (bishop)
David Hawtin
David Hay (cardiologist)
David Hay (diplomat)
David Heath (politician)
David Heathcoat-Amory
David Hedison
David Hemmings
David Hendin
David Heneker
David Henrie
David Henry Hwang
David Henry Sterry
David Herman
David Hersey
David Hershel Alpers
David Hess
David Hess (politician)
David Hewlett
David Heyes
David Heyman
David Hickernell
David Hicks
David Hindawi
David Hinkley
David Hoberman
David Hodne
David Hoflin
David Hollander (rabbi)
David Holt (politician)
David Hope, Baron Hope of Craighead
David Hornsby
David Horowitz
David Horsey (golfer)
David Howell (golfer)
David Howitt (entrepreneur)
David Huddleston
David Huebner
David Hull (actor)
David Hume Kennerly
David Hunt (actor)
David Hurley
David Hutcheson
David Hyde Pierce
David I. McKay
David Ignatius
David Imms
David Irving
David Ison
David J. Bellis
David J. Brightbill
David J. Eicher
David J. Francis (actor)
David J. O'Reilly
David J. Peterson
David J. Place
David J. Porter (politician)
David J. Rose
David J. Russell
David J. Sanders
David Jackson (British actor)
David Jacobs (broadcaster)
David Jacoby (politician)
David James (bishop)
David James Elliott
David Jan Novotný
David Janetzki
David Janson
David Janssen
David Jason
David Jenkins (bishop)
David Jennings (bishop)
David Jensen
David Jeremiah
David Jimenez (golfer)
David Johansen
David Johnston
David Jolly
David Jones (advertising executive)
David Jones (Clwyd West MP)
David Jones (golfer)
David K. Alderdice
David K. Bernard
David K. Dill
David K. Irving
David K. Lam
David K. Overstreet
David K. Shipler
David K. Wilson
David Kabua
David Kaczynski
David Kahn (writer)
David Kaiser (philanthropist)
David Kan
David Kaplan (philosopher)
David Kaplan (radio)
David Kappos
David Karnes
David Kaufman (actor)
David Kavlin
David Kaye (voice actor)

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